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Top 10 Car Accident Lawyers in Melbourne

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In this article, we are going to share information about the best car accident lawyers in Melbourne. Now, for your usual help, you probably need a lawyer.

However, in complicated cases where you’ve been seriously injured and need to claim, where you’re wondering who and for what to sue for damages, you will need legal representation. A Melbourne car accident lawyer can also help with cases that might involve complicated insurance claims with insurance companies in certain auto accidents. For cases like these, you need to know your rights.

Moreover, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t seek out a car accident lawyer.

In many cases they work on a no win no fee basis, meaning that you only reimburse them if and when your case is successful.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best car accident attorneys in Melbourne, for your convenience.

1. Michael Kuzilny – MK Law – Traffic Lawyers

michael traffic lawyer melbourne

Michael Kuzilny is a Barrister & Solicitor and Director of MK LAW.  Michael has represented tens of thousands of clients who faced Traffic Law Court cases, with winning outcomes.   MK LAW service all Magistrates Courts and the County Court of Victoria.

MK LAW are solid market leaders in the Victoria’s Court system and have won multiple legal and community awards for outstanding & excellent service.

Michael Kuzilny exclusively deals with Court Representation.

Areas of specialty:

  • Driving Disqualified
  • Driving whilst Suspended
  • Driving in a manner Dangerous
  • Hoon legislation
  • Drug driving cases
  • Driving at a Dangerous Speed
  • Speed trials
  • Reckless conduct endangering life or serious injury
  • Repeat Drink Driving offences
  • Accidents
  • Applications to get your licence back in Court
  • Drive without interlock device etc
  • Culpable Driving
  • Dangerous Driving Causing Death / Serious Injury.

Address: Level 1/284 Bay Street, Brighton VIC 3186 & Level 8, 350 Collins Street Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone Number: 0415 557 011 (free consultations)

Website: mklawfirm.com.au

2. Gordon Legal

car accident lawyers melbourne

Founded by Peter Gordon nine years ago, this law firm is built around a very successful compensation law lawyer.

Peter Gordon is one of the experts in the field, has been practising compensation law since the ’80s and has achieved immense success in the area.

In fact, he introduced the no win no fee system in the area, while working with a former law firm.

That said Gordon Legal specialises in all areas of compensation law, including road accidents. The firm has excellent TAC lawyers who will help you get compensation for your injury.

For more information on the firm, and to make a booking reach out to the firm using the contact information above.

Address: 22/181 William St, Melbourne

Phone Number: 03 9603 3000

Website: gordonlegal.com.au

3. Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers

car accident lawyers melbourne

RCT is an established Melbourne law firm specialising in compensation law – “you can trust us” is the motto. The firm has more than 40 years of experience in compensation law, having been established in the ’70s.

Part of their speciality is car accident claims and TAC claims. RCT offers a free initial consultation as well as no win no fee for their matters. So if you’re one of the accident victims struggling with lost wages or medical expenses due to the accident, this firm is here for you. What stands out about the firm’s policy is that it covers you for disbursements as well.

For more information on the firm billing policy and any other enquiry, use the contact information above to reach the RCT team.

Address: Level 10, 533 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Phone Number: 03 9240 1414

Website: rctlaw.com.au

4. Henry Carus & Associates

car accident lawyers melbourne

As a compensation law firm, HCA’s mission is to see you get the full compensation claim that you deserve in your matter of fault. In fact, this is the driving ethos for the firm hence their slogan that you deserve more. The firm is one of the best on this list, and as an affirmation of this fact, last year the firm won four different Doyles Law Awards in different areas of compensation law.

The firm covers virtually every area of compensation law from workover claims to medical negligence and yes car accident/TAC claims.

As expected HCA operates on a no win no fee basis, ensuring that your quest for justice does not leave you financially crippled.

For all your enquiries, use the contact information above to reach the firm.

Address: 11/607 Bourke St, Melbourne

Phone Number: 03 9001 1318

Website: hcalawyers.com.au

5. Galbally & O’Brien

car accident lawyers melbourne

Established in 1935, Galbally & O’Brien is one of the foremost law firms in Melbourne. The firm is multispecialty, which deals in wills and estates, family law, commercial litigation, property and business law as well as compensation law. Galbally & O’Brien operates on a no win no fee basis and their first phone consultation is obligation free. Use the contact information above to reach the team for any enquiries or to book an appointment with a personal injury lawyer.

Address: 259 William St, Melbourne

Phone Number: 03 9200 2533

Website: galballyobryan.com.au

6. AANDI Lawyers

car accident lawyers melbourne

Another firm of repute, AANDI Lawyers is a multispecialty firm that amongst many areas of expertise handles motor vehicles claims. The firm prides itself on efficiency, experience and communication, pillars that have helped it attain the kind of popularity it has.

AANDI has several billing policies amongst which is a no win no fee policy. On top of that, the firm offers a free initial consultation. To enquire more on the firm’s fee policies visit their website. The link has been included above.

For any other enquiry or to make a booking, contact AANDI using any of the contact information above.

Address: 2/587 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Phone Number: 03 9070 9969

Website: aandilawyers.com.au

7. Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

car accident lawyers melbourne

Maurice Blackburn has been serving Melburnians for the past hundred years, making this law firm one of the oldest in the city. The firm has survived that long due to the excellent services it offers.

Maurice Blackburn specialises in many areas of law, with compensation and injury law being one. The car will handle your car accident/TAC claims with no problem.

The firm does offer a no win no fee arrangement on certain matters. To enquire on this, visit the firm’s website. The link is embedded above.

For any other enquiry, contact the Maurice Blackburn team with the contact information above.

Address: 21/380 La Trobe St, Melbourne

Phone Number: 03 9605 2700

Website: mauriceblackburn.com.au

8. Burt & Davies

car accident lawyers melbourne

Burt & Davies is another great car accident law firm in Melbourne. The specialises solely in transport accidents.

As expected the firm offers a no win no fee arrangement. For more information on this visit the firm’s website. It has been linked above.

For any other enquiry contact the firm using any of the contact details above.

Address: 11/451 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

Phone Number: 1800 109 940

Website: burtdavies.com.au

9. Arnold Dallas McPherson Lawyers

car accident lawyers melbourne

Arnold Dallas McPherson has 20 years of experience in compensation law matters. The firm has several locations in Victoria with Melbourne being one of them. It is conveniently located in the CBD.

Part of the firm’s speciality area is car accidents/TAC. The firm will handle these cases on a no win no fee basis, on a case to case basis. For more details on the firm’s fee policy visit their website.

You may also reach the firm’s team directly by contacting them using the phone number included above.

Address: Level 1, 224-236 Queen Street Melbourne

Phone Number: 03 5445 9200

Website: admlaw.com.au

10. Maxiom Injury Lawyers

car accident lawyers melbourne

This firm has a perfect review on google reviews for a reason. It delivers. That said, you may entrust your car accident/TAC claim with them. They’ll see it through!

Address: 48 Kangan Dr, Berwick VIC 3806

Phone Number: 1800 853 085

Website: maxiomlaw.com.au

11. Polaris Lawyers

car accident lawyers melbourne

This Australian Law Awards winning firm is an excellent personal injury lawyer operating in the city. We’ve featured it as one of the best injury law firms in the area and in this article, we recommend them as one of the best car accident lawyers in the area.

The firm has excellent reviews as you can see above. It operates on a no win no fee basis, so crippling legal fees should not worry you.

For more information on the firm or to book an appointment, contact them using the information above.

Address: 456 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Phone Number: 1300 383 825

Website: polarislawyers.com.au

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